About RNAi-Based Therapeutics Summit

This meeting serves as a critical industry touchpoint, bringing you more speakers, expanded content, and a bespoke comprehensive platform.

5 Unmissable Highlights of 2021


Debate how to Optimize Effective Delivery Strategies

Consider next generation of delivery techniques beyond GalNac and debating effectivity of novel technologies with insights from University of Massachusetts Medical School & Avidity Biosciences

Explore Viability of RNAi Therapies Beyond the Liver

Discuss extrahepatic delivery techniques, demonstrating effective RNAi therapies within the CNS & lungs, with insight from Triplet Therapeutics & University of Munich

Discuss Effective Translation of RNAi Therapies to Patients

Outlining the important progression of RNAi therapies to the patient and discuss the vital considerations for an accessible therapy with insights from Alnylam, Olix Pharmaceuticals & AstraZenaca

Minimize Off-Target Effects & Enhance Targeted Delivery of RNAi 

Explore how to alter the stability and efficiency of RNAi therapies and discuss endosomal escape methodologies with insights from Sapreme Technologies & University of Paris-Saclay

Harness Chemical Biology

From siRNA, microRNA & ASO’s, understand how best to leverage RNA for viable RNAi therapies with insight from Sanofi & Amgen