About Event

There has been a huge boom of interest and investment in RNAi-based therapeutics due to their great potential to treat neurology, cardiology, oncology and more. For instance, Novo Nordisk has just announced their recent approval of RivflozaTM for the treatment of a rare genetic condition as well as Alnylam has shown promising results from a RNAi therapeutic treating Alzheimer’s disease.

Curated in collaboration with key opinion leaders, the 5th RNAi-Based Therapeutics Summit is returning with a jam-packed 3-day agenda to overcome challenges within manufacturing, targeted delivery and siRNA efficacy to help advance RNAi therapies through the pipeline. This summit will provide a vital opportunity to come together to discuss the bottlenecks of developing RNAi drugs and ensuring effective therapies get to patients faster.

Industry experts will navigate through presentations and interactive discussions on:

Expand beyond the current druggable targets by evaluating the challenges of delivery to the CNS, skin and eyes and reveal the full potential of RNAi therapeutics with AbbVie, OliX Pharmaceuticals & NanoDe Therapeutics
Discuss novel delivery platforms and strategies to prevent rate limiting endosomal escape for successful and specific delivery of liver and non-liver targeting drugs with Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Matinas BioPharma & Sapreme Technologies
Leverage novel chemical modifications to improve efficacy and stability of siRNAs for advancement of RNAi therapies with Silence Therapeutics & University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School
Analyze critical challenges of targeting oncological indications via RNAi drugs towards acceleration into the clinic of robust and effective anti-cancer treatments with Dicerna Pharmaceuticals & Transcode Therapeutics
Uncover successful production strategies and late-stage manufacturing bottlenecks to support and enable improved scale-up and fast-track the manufacturing processes with OliX Pharmaceuticals & Sirnaomics