* This meeting will now run digitally. We're working to update the online agenda which will be available soon. Please get in touch if you're interested in joining this digital meeting. *

Despite more than a decade of effort to develop RNAi- based therapeutics, everything changed when two RNAi- based drugs received recent FDA approval, opening the door to therapeutic opportunity to discover and develop RNAi based drugs for an abundance of diseases.

The RNAi- Based Therapeutics Summit is the only industry-focused, scientific platform for large pharma, innovative biotech and key opinion leaders of academia dedicated to harnessing the full therapeutic opportunity of upcoming RNAi platforms.

Focusing on successfully optimizing cell-specific RNAi strategies, overcoming pharmacology & delivery challenges to accelerate translation & clinical development of RNAi therapeutics in the liver, CNS & beyond

With a number of RNAi based clinical candidates emerging and momentum building in the field, join the RNAi- Based Therapeutics Summit – your comprehensive, industry-focused meeting dedicated to bringing together senior biopharmaceutical leaders from discovery, translation and clinical development functions to advance pioneering RNAi platforms that improve patient outcomes.

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