What leaders in the field are looking forward to:

"siRNA are emerging drugs enabling the treatment of diseases with unmet medical needs. However, challenges need to be addressed to expand the use of siRNA to treat diseases beyond liver. Taking part in this meeting which is only focused on RNAi based therapeutics will offer the opportunity to dive in depth on the challenges and solutions to improve siRNA therapeutics"

Photo Biscans

Annabelle Biscans, Associate Principle Scientist
AstraZeneca R&D

Xiaobo Zhong, Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology,
University of Connecticut


"The summit can serve as a platform to exchange most advanced knowledge on RNAi-based therapeutics for new drug discovery and development as well as clinical practice for current FDA-approved siRNA drugs."

"Comprehensive program that enables sharing and discussion of best practices across many aspects of RNAi development"


Robert Shaffer, Founder & COO, 
Vrata Therapeutics


Ying Yu, Associate Director, 


"It is a great chance to communicate with both academic and industrial experts in RNAi therapeutics to improve its application in human diseases.  I anticipate that the meeting will be a big success."

"The value of taking part would be building relationships with other members in our field with potential collaborations"

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Peter Goughnour, Director of R&D,