Karyn O’Neil

Karyn O’Neil

Company: Aro Biotherapeutics

Job title: Chief Scientific Officer


Karyn O’Neil is the CSO of Aro Biotherapeutics. She was previously the Venture Leader for Centyrex, a J&J Venture focused on designer protein platform technologies. She is a co-inventor on the Centyrin patents and has led the team focused on advancing the Centyrin platform since its inception. Karyn’s team applied protein engineering, nucleic acid chemistry and chemical conjugation technologies to enable Centyrin – mediated intracellular delivery of nucleic acid cargos in a cell specific manner. Karyn joined Centocor/J&J in 2001 where, prior to working on Centyrins, she held positions of increasing responsibility, ultimately becoming a Director of Antibody Therapeutics. There she played a leadership role in the discovery & optimization of multiple clinical candidates. Prior to J&J, Karyn was in the Applied Biotechnologies group at DuPont Pharmaceuticals. Karyn received her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania where she focused on protein engineering and protein biophysics. She has over 55 publications, is an inventor on more than 30 patents and serves as an editor for Protein Engineering, Design and Selection.


ABX300, a Centyrin-KRAS siRNA Conjugate for KRAS Mutant Tumors 1:30 pm

The unique biochemical and biophysical properties of Centyrins enable functional delivery of siRNA payloads in receptor positive cells Dual antigen targeting with bispecific Centyrins can improve access to target cell types EpCAM-CD71 Centyrin-KRAS siRNA conjugates induce RNAi in G12C and other KRAS mutant tumor cellsRead more

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