Modified Pore Forming Peptides for Self-Assembling RNA Nanoparticle Formation & Optimized Endosomal Escape

Time: 3:30 pm
day: Pre-Conference Day


  • Altamira’s OligoPhore and SemaPhore platforms rapidly condense any RNA into <100 nm polyplexes that are taken up by cellular macropinocytosis
  • The peptide polyplexes avoid hepatic sequestration after systemic administration, and penetrate inflamed disease microenvironments by the “endothelial permeability and retention” (EPR) mechanism
  • Endosomal pH-dependent polyplex disassembly releases the peptide to permeabilize the endosomal membrane for rapid and extensive release of siRNA or mRNA into the cytoplasm to target protein production in vivo in multiple disease categories